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There are a lot of buzz words and promises made in this industry. TURN8 Partners is about simple talk and promises kept.

Financial markets have evolved rapidly over the past two decades, but we’ve noticed that most investors have seen no advancements in the advice that they receive nor in the ways that their wealth is being invested.

Our mission is simple. We’re turning a fast-paced, fluid industry into something more accessible by cutting through the noise to deliver a comprehensive package that resonates with our clients.

We know that managing your wealth involves much more than managing your investments. Our focus is on the full picture: a high-level view of your personal balance sheet, coordination with your tax specialists, intelligent portfolio construction, and modern risk mitigation strategies. While we’re doing all this, we’re providing transparency and communication so that you understand what’s being done and why.

Our 3 Founding Principles

Smart Growth

There’s more to the investment management world than just owning stocks and bonds.

Smart Risk

Most investors are stuck riding the waves. You don’t have to. Be intelligent about asset allocation.

Smart Communication

Transparency and effective, plain language communication is integral to building trust.

The story behind the name

The 8th turn at Istanbul Park is one of the most notorious corners in F1 racing. Success on the track, as with the markets, is determined by
how skilfully the toughest turn is handled.

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